Thursday, January 21, 2021

🐺 How to increase BUSINESS SALES in retail - Sales Team Meeting Humor - Sweater Vest and Regular Tie

If you want to improve business sales in retail, or just need some sales team meeting humor, we definitely suggest you watch our comedy series Sweater Vest and Regular Tie - it might not give sales a boost, but it will definitely make you smile while thinking about it. This is the best way to learn how to conduct business meetings, haha! 🐺 Visit our site for MORE films - 🐺 Support us on Patreon - 🐺 Join our Discord - Buy Sweater Vest and REgular Tie 2 here - How to increase business sales in retail has been a question that everyone thought of as they were requested sales team meeting ideas. Wolf Brothers Cinema is making Sweater Vest and Regular Tie - a comedy sketch series that tackles such big questions. If you need sales techniques or want to learn how to convince a customer to buy from you, we don't know any real advice BUT we definitely have a clean comedy film somewhere in there that will make your team laugh. Teambuilding at its best! Perhaps we should've went with the title "effective meeting best practices" :) If you want to see another teaser for Sweater Vest and Regular Tie, go here - Or see a different sketch here - SOCIAL MEDIA: ➤ Run with us on Twitter - ➤ Read us on Facebook -

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